How to do Anything You Want 4

We have talked about action and motivation. We have talked about goals and direction. Now we need to look at the part that really connects the two together. The Plan, the way you intend to focus your action to achieve your goals.

I have not really been working in any particular order as far as importance or which comes first. I believe you can start with any of these three and as long as you put them all together you will be heading in the right direction.

Many times it is the plan that gets almost all the attention when we start thinking about any business we want to start. Most people will first think of a business plan when they consider starting their own business.

Whether it is a business or personal area it is the plan that most people want to hear or talk about. We can get so wrapped up in our plans we completely forget the whole taking action or setting goals part of what we are doing.

Unfortunately many people will mistake planning as both taking action and a goal all in one. We focus so hard the plan and trying to be sure it is perfect we forget our reasons for making a plan.

The plan is the least important part of the three things we are talking about. Focusing too much on the planning stage has been the downfall of many great ideas. Planning can give us the feeling of action without any actual progress.

A plan is certainly needed to succeed but it can also be the one thing that can cause our failure to achieve our goals. Blindly following a great plan has caused more failure that anything other than inaction in almost every failure we can see.

A plan is really just an estimate of the steps we will need to take to reach a goal. How many times have we experienced an estimate being completely wrong? How many times have we started something only to find the expectations we had were nothing at all like the reality we found?

How many times have we brought our car into the mechanic for a repair, received an estimate only to be called later with the news the problem was not at all what was expected and that estimate is not what the actual cost will be in the end.

That is a great example of having to change a plan in the middle of a job. Many great plans have been ruined by circumstances that occur along the way. Many people have completely failed simply because they would not change a great plan that no longer was valid.

Many times we get so focused on creating the perfect plan we never actually get to working towards the goal because we are so busy working on the plan. Many great ideas were never achieved simply because someone would not begin actual work until the plan was perfect.

We call that the “paralysis of analysis”. Which is really just a catchy way of saying, “doing nothing”. A mediocre plan that is put into massive action will always do better than a perfect plan that never gets used.

No matter how well you do something there will almost always be a better way if you just stop and think about it. The problem is while you are standing still thinking about it someone else is out doing it.

Doing it half as well as you probably could but getting it done nonetheless. It is the people that make little plans and take big action that see the most results. We do not receive the reward we want for our plans. We receive the reward we want for our actions.

Besides our plans seldom survive our very first action anyway. As soon as we take action, things will change. As soon as things change our old plans will no longer point in the correct direction.

A plan that does not adjust to changes we encounter along our way will only cause problems as we continue to follow it. A series of little plans work much better than one large inflexible plan ever will.

Plans are important; they give us an idea of what we may need to do to reach our goal. The most important thing in planning is knowing when to completely change the plan to be able to continue in the correct direction.

This is why I say there is no perfect plan. Even if you think you have one as soon as you take action things will change. Having a goal and understanding each step of that goal is the best plan possible.

By all means have plans but remember they are just estimates that are subject to change at any time. When the situation changes then change your plan to follow the situation. But never stop taking action simply because the plan no longer fits the situation.

Stay tuned for the fifth and final installment of this series.

How To Do Anything You Want 3

Well here we are again. Last time we talked about taking action. While taking action is likely one of the most important things and something that keeps you from the success you seek if not applied.

Action without goals is completely random and has as much chance of wasting your time and energy as it does bringing you success. Without a goal you have no way of knowing which direction to focus your actions.

It is possible to succeed without a goal but it is more likely you will just continue the same wasted action you have been doing all along. A goal or even a series of goals is what allows you to focus your action and measure your progress.

The subject of goal setting is very popular and I am sure we have all heard something on the subject before this. So rather than going on and on about how important it is to set goals lets talk about ways to actually set goals.

We all agree goals are important but did you know if you do not set them properly they could cause more harm than good? Poorly set goals will not give you any idea of what progress you are making and can be so unreasonable or vague and actually cause a feeling of failure.

A poor goal can be something like “I want to be rich”. Now don’t get me wrong, being rich isn’t the problem. The problem is the goal is too vague it leaves out any way to actually measure your progress or even really know when you have achieved this goal.

A poorly defined goal will always be just a bit out of reach. No matter how much progress you make the final goal will never be achieved without definition. You will find yourself on the treadmill of life and frustrated that you never seem to reach your goal.

A well-defined goal on the other hand is something that can easily be measured. Something that can be divided down into easily accomplished tasks that bring you closer and closer to the goal it self.

The ability to measure your progress towards your goal is one of the most important parts to keeping motivated. With proper goal setting you will find the need for determination and will power greatly reduced.

Each step of progress we make towards our goal makes each following step that much easier. Building momentum in the right direction helps keep you going the correct way and reduces the effort needed.

Proper goal setting is much more than just setting destinations for yourself. To really succeed in reaching your goals you must understand them. You must be able to see them clearly in your mind as you progress towards them.

The most important part of goal setting after clarity is believability. You can have the clearest goals possible if you do not believe they are achievable you will always find a way to meet that expectation of failure.

This is where your attitude comes into play. Once you have combined action and goals you still need to believe your goals can be met. Without that belief and understanding you are much less likely to actually reach your goals.

Remember that law of attraction I was talking about last time? This is where it actually comes into play. That positive thought, that belief in yourself, the belief no matter what others might say. It is that very belief that keeps you pointed towards your goal as you move forward.

I like to call that whole idea a GPS navigation system for your success. That belief in yourself is what will guide your actions towards your goal. So far we have two of the three things you need to succeed.

To carry on with the GPS analogy. So far we have the vehicle that will carry us. We have the destination clearly in mind. We have the GPS that will keep us going towards the destination. All we need is the map.

Once you have yourself and the action you will take. Added to that is the goal and the belief you can reach it. All you need is a plan to follow to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

We will talk more about the plan next time.

How to do Anything You Want. 2

I really don’t like what most people take away from the usual motivational speakers. The thing that bothers me most is when you are finished they spent so much time on positive mental attitude you walk away with the feeling that is all you need.

The latest thing “The Secret” initially hit me in that same manner. I completely discounted it as a waste of time. I still don’t spend a lot of time on it but I did look into it again and I found if you pay very close attention to what they are actually saying they do add in the importance of action as well as attitude.

I get so annoyed at the whole “law of attraction”. They have it all backwards;

a positive mental attitude does nothing to attract things to you.

It does everything to attract you to things.

There is a huge difference between the two.

One is passive and one is active.

I have a little experiment that shows what I mean. All one need do is sit in a chair with three objects out of reach. Spend some time trying to attract one of those objects by simply thinking about getting it. After trying this for a while see what happens. Once you have done that then focus directly on the object you want and get up and walk over and get it.

In both cases you have focused very clearly on what you want. But one was successful and the other was not. The only difference was the second time you took action based on your thoughts and the first time you did not.

The whole “law of attraction” does not bring things to you.

It brings you to things.

The only way it will work is when you add action to the thought process. There are two ways people can make changes in their lives. Change from the inside out or the outside in.

Change from the inside requires a change in our minds first and then our actions. Actions produce results and as we see those results we reinforce our new mindset.

Change from the outside in simply changes our actions to produce different results. Once we see those new results our mind will change to adjust to the new situation.

Either way is effective but both require a change in our actions at some point. No change in our actions means no change in our results.

If we do not change our results no amount of positive thinking will survive.

The physical evidence will just not support the belief. Without some kind of physical change to support our thoughts we wind up back where we were or even worse.

We can all accept some negative results as long as we also see either a learning process from those results. Or see other progress that we can focus on.

All we need to keep our minds focused on progress is the slightest evidence of progress. Once we have a line of small units of progress we have started a chain that will keep puling us in the direction of progress. After a while progress itself becomes a habit we automatically follow.

Once we reach that point things can explode rapidly.

The funny things about financial success.

Once it hits it is a very fast process.

1.We know we can make progress.

2.We know the direction we want that progress to go.

3.We know the system we are going to use to make that progress.

Well the hard part is over then and we will quickly see results. The true irony is once we get that success and we look back. The actual process we followed will always be much more simple than we originally thought.

We all tend to complicate things in our minds. This is a built in excuse for why we really aren’t where we want to be.

“It’s too hard, it’s too complicated” that is what we tell ourselves from the beginning. Just to soften the blow of the failure we expect.

When we get to the point where the only option we have is to succeed, we will.

As long as we have other options. We go to those other options any time things get hard. Then we use the fact that we failed in that attempt to rationalize why the next one will not succeed either.

This is what we all do.

This is why most people never get what they want but always seem to get what they need.

It is a human condition that we all have. The way people get what they want is to change it to a need. Then we find a way. The whole want/need label is all in our own heads. We decide which is what.

A goal is the very first step we must take to achieve anything in life. Once you have a very specific goal in mind then you are able to go to the next step. Without a specific goal the next step will never work.

To find out more about the next step come back later and it will be posted.

How to do Anything You Want. 1

That is a pretty big statement to start off with, don’t you think? How can anyone say something like that and be taken seriously?

Well it all starts with a belief.

I believe any single individual person has within them the ability to do anything any person has ever done or will do.

In other words if one Human has done something any other Human has the ability to do that also. We all start in the same condition and we all have the same basic set of tools and functions with which to work.

So why then do some people do what are considered great things? While others do what are considered evil. Why is there such a variety in people’s conditions and outcomes? Why don’t we all end up exactly the same if we all start out exactly the same?

Well the answer is simple really.

We all do different things with those resources we have in the beginning. It is not what we start with that determines how we end up. But what we do with those resources that are the deciding factor.

But what if no one has ever done what I want to do?

So what? History is full of examples of people that have been the very first person to do something. Things like running a mile in less than 4 minutes. Fly an airplane. Make an electric light bulb.

These are all rather famous examples of people doing something for the very first time. We can probably name the people that did these things from memory.

The thing I find most interesting is shortly after all of those firsts, there were many other people that did exactly the same thing.

Today it is not uncommon for people to use electric lights or fly an airplane or even run a mile in less than 4 minutes. So we know those things are not outside of human capabilities.

We know that people that can first were not super-human, did not posses abilities that the rest of us do not have.

So what did all of those pioneers do that people before them did not? What was it that made them succeed? How can we learn to do the same thing in any area we choose?

These are all things that we will be looking at in this series of messages. We are going to break down into a few simple steps what has been proven through history to be effective in allow people to do what they want even if it has never been done before.

By studying how others have taken the exact same set of circumstances any other person has access to and done exactly what they wanted.

We will be able to set out a simple system. A set of actions to follow that will allow us to duplicate that success in any field we choose.

This is not simply some secret law that we can use to sit around and think happy thoughts to magically attract good things. This is an actual proven set of steps that anyone can use. These steps can be applied to anything you want to accomplish and will allow you to succeed.

So I invite you to continue with me as we go through these steps one by one. I invite you use these ideas and see for yourself just what is possible.

There is a simple fact, systems work. Systems can be applied to anything and give you clear steps to follow and see results.

I certainly hope I have prompted you to think a little bit and come back to see what is next.

I will be back later with part 2.