Dave Woods Talks About Vick Strizheus

Who is Vick Strizheus?

Vick is an internet marketer that has proven to be one of the
most successful marketers around.

many people call Him the “Traffic King” because He has proven
over and over His ability to drive massive amounts of traffic
to almost any offer He wants.

Vick has designed several different training programs that
are designed to help the average person learn the Internet
Marketing business.

Vicks most recent project is Big Idea Mastermind. As of the
writing  of this article there are over 17,000 people who
are current members and the list is growing on a daily basis.

To quote Vick He is “not a typical guy“…

But just what does that mean?

The simple answer is Vick does not do what typical people
do and therefore achieves atypical results.

And at the heart of it this is what Big Idea Mastermind is
really all about.

Transforming yourself from typical to atypical…

It is a step by step system designed to help anyone that
truly wants to change reach any goal they choose.

The bottom line all you want to know about Vick Strizheus
can be seen in the people He attracts around him.

One only needs to spend a few minutes with the membership
of Big Idea Mastermind to see this is something special and
the reason it is so special is because Vick Strizheus
made it that way.

Just the same way you can tell a tree by the fruit it
produces you can tell the character of a Man by the work
He produces.

The Big Idea Mastermind family is what it is today because
of one Man and His Vision.

If that Vision resonates with you…

If you want to be part of a family…

If you want to never be alone in this…


Sometimes To Go Forward You Have To Go Back

I know it sounds crazy…

I mean there is a big difference between forward and backward…

Isn’t there?


It depends really. To start with forward and backward are dependent on
your position or perspective.

When you are facing one way then forward is in front of you and
backward is behind you. Now if you turn around 180 degrees then suddenly
what was backward became forward and forward became backward.

So forward and backward suddenly become less clear because it can
change depending on your perspective and that’s not even taking
account of someone else perspective on things.

Now I said all of this just to show how our perspective defines what
we believe is true or not true. Now that we have this idea out there
I want you to follow along with my story and see where it takes us.

When I say sometimes to go forward you have to go back I am not
talking about changing our direction but to demonstrate an idea.

This idea is something we all have seen many times in our lives.
As a matter of fact it is so common we don’t really think about
this idea.

This idea is what makes one of the most important inventions in
human history work. The repetitive back and forth of this thing
daily propels us almost anywhere we want to go.

This invention we know as the wheel…

If you watch a wheel spin and you were to focus on one point
on the side of any wheel you will soon see that point you are
watching is going backward then forward over and over.

If that wheel is just suspended in air it will spin along but
never get anywhere.


If you take that same wheel and put it on the flat surface of
a road the exact same repetitive motion transforms itself from
pointless motion to useful motion in whatever direction you point
that wheel.

You can be just like that wheel…

You can take one good idea and go over it again and again and again…

Just like that wheel goes in circles around the axle. It never gets
any further away and always comes back to the very same starting
point relative to the axle.


That very same concept that allows the wheel to carry the vehicle
that is attached to that axle anywhere the driver decides to point it.

That very same concept will work for you just the same as that vehicle.
You find that good idea and you go over it again and again and again.

Just like the backwards and forwards motion of the wheel becomes
progress for the vehicle.

The repetition of one good idea can be transformed into progress for you.

It may be that you will go back to an idea or feeling that motivated you
in the past. Or perhaps you will repeat a training system or method over
and over again learning new things each time you repeat the lesson.

It is that very circular path of going back to the beginning of a good idea
countless times that actually propels you onward to your goal.

98% of the people out there wrongly think to succeed you must constantly
be learning new things. 2% of the people know it is not by constantly
learning new things but by constantly repeating the good things you
have already learned you make the most progress.

Think about this…

It only takes one good idea…

One good idea you can repeat over and over again to completely change your life.

There are many lessons we can learn from the wheel. Such a simple idea
that completely changed the entire world and demonstrates ideas like…

Small things can be as important as large things…

Empty space and distance can increase the effectiveness of effort at times…

And like I said today a simple idea used over and over can carry you
almost anywhere you want to go.

3 Steps To Change Your Life

3 step to change your life are directly below. Remember read 30 minutes and watch video for 30 minutes each day for 30 days and you will see the entire world completely different.

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Illegitimi Non Carborundum


Illigetimi non carborundum according to wikipedia is a mock Latin aphorism that means “Don’t let the bastard grind you down”.

I find it interesting that for about 50 years now this has been a term
used in trying to keep peoples “spirits up”. A general statement intended
to give some positive motivation when times seem difficult or when it
seems you have overwhelming oposition.

I am certain we can all look back to times in our lives when we were
facing similar situations. Times when we felt like someone or even
everyone was trying to beat us down.

Perhaps there were even times when someone told us this very quote in
an effort to help us continue.

While I started off with that quote I am more interested in the two
types of people this quote represents.

1. The people trying to grind us down.

2. The people trying to lift us up.

Oddly enough many times the people in each group may have no idea they
are actually doing these things to you or anyone else.

We may face opposition in many different areas of our life and from people
we would never imagine in our wildest dreams would oppose our plans.

You see we can be pushed down or lifted up simply by the people we spend
our time with. People who have no intention of having this effect on us.

The same can be said about the books we read, the information we allow
into our minds. Almost anything we experience can have either and uplifting
or detrimental effect on us.

Fortunately we have control over these effects by the simple method of
choosing who we associate with and what information we choose to allow
into our minds.

By associating with uplifting people, or successful people we can be
pulled along in an upward direction. Adding this to our own efforts to
succeed will greatly increase or efforts.

Reaching our goals…

Persuing our dreams…

Improving ourselves…

We can do all of these simply by focusing ourselves on attaining them
and following the example of people that have done so before us.

Be around them, either in person or through books, audio and video recordings or special seminar meetings. We can begin by simple association to improve ourselves.

As we improve ourselves we will begin to reach our goals, realize our
dreams and reach a level of achievement we might have never thought
possible before.

The people you associate with really can make or break you and it is
important that you understand this and take action to ensure your own
success no matter what.

How To Use One Idea Four Times

How to use one idea four times sounds pretty crazy but if you do it right
you could even get more than four uses from every thing you do.

First of all you will need at least one youtube account, two blogs and
a mailing list with subscribers to contact.

If you are marketing online and you are not doing these three things…

1. Video marketing.

2. Article Marketing.

3. Email marketing.

You really should consider adding the ones you are not doing. Especially
if you are video marketing only or article marketing only. There is no
good reason not to use all three of these marketing methods as they really
do compliment each other very well.

Using one idea in several differnt areas of marketing is not a new thing
people have been doing this for years. It can allow one person to produce
a huge amount of content in a fairly short amount of time.

I am actually writing this areticle as I am uploading the video to
youtube. This allows me to use what would otherwise be wasted time to my
advantage and work while the ideas are still strong in my mind.

As I said in my video this is just my take on curation marketing with
the added safety of never having to worry about the original content
owner getting mad that I chose to use their content.

This is not the curated content…

To see the curated content ===> CLICK HERE <==

To be completely honest the original content and idea is all in the video
this article is just here to give this page enough text to be a good

All of the important information is actually in the video. I just want to
be able to get this information out to as many people as I can. Since
my goal is as widespread coverage I can get I have written this article
a little longer than I needed to.

Maybe you have figured this out already as I am pretty much just rambling
on about nothing in general. If this were a face to face conversation I
guess we could call it small talk. ­čÖé

Sept 11 2001

Sept 11 2001 is a day I will never forget…

I remember waking up to the news that it was thought a small plane
had hit one of the two world trade center towers in NYC.

I had just gotten my TV turned on and was listening to the news casters
talking about how they did not have a full report but they suspected
a small plane had hit the tower.

The shot then shifted to a wide angle view of the damage and I knew
right away that no small plane could have possibly done that much
damage to a building so large.

I watched as events unfolded and the second plane hit the undamaged
tower and at that moment I knew in my heart the world had just changed
in front of all of our eyes.

Like most other people I had no idea at that time exactly what would
happen. No idea that I was watching the beginning steps that would end
in those two towers falling in on so many innocent people.

After seeing both towers fall The rest of the day was just a surreal
blur. I had a business appointment across town that I kept. I thought
since I was in Dallas we would not be that likely to have any direct
effects from those actions in New York City.

My client was a busy auto dealership in the mid cities area of DFW and
they were always very busy every other time I was at their location.

I showed up for my appointment and the drive over was about 45 minutes
and it seemed mostly like an average drive across town in the late morning
hours. A little lighter traffic perhaps but not enough to be that noticeable.

I arrived at the client and things there seemed quieter than usual. None
of the Techs were in the bays working and everyone was gathered around the
TV in the waiting room.

It was strangely quiet in a place that usually has the noise of air tools
and other such sounds. It took me about 1 hour to complete my work and in
that hour things had changed.

I went into a small room to work at around 11:30 am and was done around
12:30 pm. Between those times the entire dealership had emptied except for
me and the office manager.

The office manager was only there so She could lock up the building after
I was done working. As I finished I told the office manager what work I
completed, this usually takes some time as we talk and go over things.

But not this time…

This time it was just a few sentences and we both left the building
together. This location is only a few miles from the DFW airport and
it was quite common to see several planes landing and taking off from
the parking lot.

It was strange that there seemed to be no planes taking off and only
a few landing. But stranger still was my drive back home.

The freeways…

The surface streets…

Everywhere was empty…

I have never seen the Interstate 35E exchange in downtown Dallas so
empty before, not even in the early morning hours.

It was like the entire world had just stopped and everything was in
a slow process of rearranging.

I knew things would never be the same again…


I had no idea just how much they would change from that day forward.

As we pause today and reflect on the events of that day Sept 11 2001
a day that effected us all in one way or another.

We should resolve within ourselves to never forget…

The Victims…

The Villains…

And the everyday Heroes that answered the call for help. The regular
people that filled the role of Hero and gave not only their all but
a shining example for the rest of us to aspire to meet.

It is easy to focus on the negative. Especially when the negative is
so horrific as to almost boggle the mind.

I prefer to remember the Heroes. The regular people who gave everything
running towards an event when everyone else was running away.

These are just some of my thoughts today. I hope they have caused
you to stop and reflect.

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Never Underestimate The Power of One Decision.

In Feb 2013 a homeless man living on the street asking passersby
for change named Billy Ray Harris made a single decision.

It seems one day a Woman named Sarah Darling dropped something more
than just change into Billy Ray’s cup. Sarah dropped an engagement
Ring worth $4,000.00 into the cup by accident as She was Giving a
little help to a Man that needed it.

Billy ray was faced with a decision when He discovered the ring in
His cup.

1. Give into the temptation to keep this $4,000.00.

2. Try and return this ring to Sarah.

Option number 1 would mean quite a bit to a person who was homeless
and living on the streets. $4,000.00 could go a long a way to making
Billy Rays life easier for some time.

The only guarantee from option number 2 was a sense of knowing you
did the right thing.

Four thousand dollars on one hand and a clear conscious on the other.
That would be a difficult decision for almost anyone and I am certain
it was for Billy Ray.

In the end Billy Ray chose to do the right thing and found sarah and
returned the ring to her and her husband Bill Krejci.

Now comes the most interesting part of this story.

Expecting nothing in return Billy ray returns the ring. Sarah and her
husband Bill decided to set up a fund to help Billy Ray. Sarah and Bill
had set a goal of raising $1,000.00 to help Billy Ray.

No one expected this fund to grow to over $190,000.000 in just three
months time. People from all over the world were touched by this story
and donated to this fund to help Billy Ray.

Billy Ray is now no longer Homeless but ownes His own Home and a new
car as well. Billy Ray has also been reunited with His family that
He had not seen for years.

One simple decision to do the right thing put into motion events that
not only greatly improved one mans life but also touched countless
other lives with an inspirational story.

Now I am not saying that every decision like this will have the same
massive result.

I am saying that every decision we make puts things into action. Every
decision we make today is the foundation our tomorrow is built upon.

The concept of reciprocity will cause anything we do to return some
kind of result. It is one of Sir Issac Newton’s laws that every action
has a reaction.

Maybe we should take this lesson to heart and begin to examine our
own actions to see if they will return reactions we want.

It does not even need to be some huge massive decision to return
massive results. Sometimes even the smallest choices can set a
massive reaction if it is done correctly.