Your Automatic Targeting System

Reticular Activating System

That’s right we all have an automatic targeting system that will
“lock” on to anything we want. All we have to do is “teach”
it what to look for and then let it do it’s job.

It’s called the Reticular Activating System or RAS for short and
it is a real function of the human brain and we all have one.

The major function of the Reticular Activating System is to
control many of the automatic functions of the brain, such
as sleep-wake functions and attention levels.

It is this control of attention levels I am talking about today.

One of the best examples is when we see one thing and think it is
something else. Like when we are walking outside in an area we believe
has snakes in it and out of the corner of our eye we see a snake.


When we look closer it turns out to only be a stick laying on the
ground. Now our eyes “saw” the stick but our brain “saw” the snake.

We reacted as if it were a snake…

We believed it was a snake…


We looked closer and saw it was only a stick that looked like a snake
and probably did not even look much like a snake once we looked

That is an example of the RAS at work. The part of our brain that
is always on the lookout for things.

Things that might be bad…

Things that might be good…

The RAS does not care what kind of things it looks for it is only
interested in looking for things.

The RAS will constantly be looking for whatever you really want
it to find.

The trick is…

You have to learn how to tell the RAS what to look for. You see
this part of the brain does not use language so communication
is not what we expect.

This part of our brain works in pictures and ideas but does not
use language to communicate. So in order to adjust what the RAS
is looking for we need to visualize the things we want.

The really great thing about this part of our brain is it never
really stops working. Day or night it will keep looking for what
we want or ways to get what we want.

Teaching the Reticular Activating System is not difficult but
it does take consistent action.

Just like in the example of the stick looking like a snake when
we believe we are places we may come into contact with snakes.
We have consistently reminded ourselves and been reminded by
others of the danger of being bitten by a snake.

This consistent action has impressed on our subconscious mind the
need to be watchful for snakes in certain areas. So when we are
in a situation where we may be injured by a snake our RAS is on
high alert for snakes.

By using the same consistent impression method we can train our
Reticular Activating System to be on the lookout for almost anything
we wish.

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Don’t Rent Your Own Life

Accept whatever circumstances come your way?…

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Stop trying to find something to blame for your lifes circumstances. It
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Even if you did not cause them…

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