Breaking Our Failurephobia

The fear of failure locks us into paralysis of analysis
and keeps us from making any progress.

When something doesn’t work out the way we had planned
it is not a failure.

Allowing that outcome to keep us from learning and moving
forward is failure.

In order to succeed in anything we must be willing to learn
from setbacks and keep moving towards our goals

Understanding the three myths of failure is a very good starting
point to breaking the failurephobia that keeps us from achieving
our true potential.

1. By using some secret method or technique we can avoid failure.

2. Nothing useful can be found in failure.

3. Experiencing a failure makes you a failure.

These three myths have been responsible for more people giving
up on their dreams than almost anything else that can happen.

The first one in my opinion is the worst of the three…

The idea that anyone can completely avoid failure simply sets
us up for disappointment and leads us right into number three.

If we can simply realize that any time we begin something new
we will experience temporary failures and setbacks we can avoid
the real failure which is quitting before we have given ourselves
enough time to learn.

How many of us would have learned how to walk if after the first
fall we simply quit trying?

Just like a child learning to walk…

The path of learning will be paved with our stumbles anf falls.

And just like learning to walk we must remember that our goal
is well worth the time and effort it takes to learn the new
skills we need.

The only failure that is truly worthless is the failure to
keep trying
until we figure things out.

No matter what you try always remember…

We learn more from our failures than from our successes.

It does not matter how many times in the past you have failed
your past does not equal your future.

If you are ready to take those lessons from the past and move forward
then join me now.


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