Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Rome wasn’t built in a day, it was built daily.

I expect we have all heard that first part about
Rome not being built in a day. The second part
I just heard a short time ago.

This has gotten me thinking…

What does that saying really mean?

The first part again, I think we understand or
at least I understand it to mean we need to have

Big results don’t happen overnight…

It takes time to make anything worthwhile.

No matter what your goals may be you will need
to allow enough time to pass before you can expect
to reach them.

But there is more to it than just time…

That is where the second part comes into play. Those
last four words hold the true secret to success any
work you may set your mind to complete.


But not just any action…

Daily consistent action towards a well-defined goal is
the real secret to anyone’s success.

Thomas Edison said,

“Most people don’t recognize
success because it usually comes dressed in coveralls
and looks like work”.

It is the willingness to work toward s a goal in small
daily steps for as long as it takes to achieve that goal
the sets apart successful people from everyone else.

Whatever your goal is in life…

Don’t expect to get there over night…


You can get there if you just do one little thing.

Start now…

And just don’t stop till you get there.

One step a day will get you there in time. Too
many of us just stop before we get there.

It’s like this…

How do you eat an Elephant?

How do you eat an Elephant is an old riddle with a very
good lesson we can learn.

The Answer if you don’t already know is…

One bite at a time.

Almost everyone seems to follow the W.C. Fields rule:

“If at first you don’t succeed try try again then quit there’s
no point in being a damn fool about it.”

Successful people do the exact opposite. They are willing to
look like that damn fool W.C. Fields was laughing at in that

Sometimes they do look like a fool…

Right up until they succeed…

Then we call them visionaries, leaders, trendsetters or any other
name than fool.

It’s kind of funny…

They were a foolish dreamer one day and a leader with a vision
the next.

What can you do if you just don’t quit?

Maybe you should try it sometime and see.