Am I Crazy?

I have been called crazy many times in my life. I usually either ignore it or take it as a challenge. I may be crazy but I have chosen to be the kind of crazy that helps people rather than harms people.

I want to be the kind of crazy that when I tell people my goals and plans they think I am totally nuts. They think no one can do all of that. They might even take me aside and say “shouldn’t you start a little smaller”.

What’s the use in small goals and little plans?

Where’s the fun in being like everyone else?

My crazy goal for 2013

I want to help 100 people.

I want to do more than just help them a little bit. I want to help them completely change their lives. I don’t want to just help them make money. I want to help them realize their potential.

But more than just realize their potential I want them to act on it.

I want them to be able to look back and say “Wow I did that!’ I want them to catch the same kind of crazy I have. It’s actually really fun it feels good it gives you a reason to get up in the morning.

It’s great having a goal. It really does motivate you in ways nothing else can. It helps you through the tough times the times when not having a goal would make you just quit. The times when any sane person would just pack it in and go do something else.

Now having a goal is great and you really need that for motivation but just having a goal is not enough.

You need a plan.

Without a plan you never really know if you are heading in the direction of your goal or just running in circles. I heard Tony Robbins say, “If your goal is to see a sunset but you keep running east you will never meet your goal”. You’ve got to have a plan and that plan has to point you in the right direction.

So I made a plan.

It’s not a complex plan it’s actually very simple. I thought a simple plan would be the best the easiest to follow. Less chance I would mess it up. So I thought, “What was the simplest plan I could work out”?

So my plan is to find someone to help. Help that person then find another person to help. I know it’s not a complex plan. I’m pretty sure someone could come up with a more elegant plan.

But remember I’m crazy so I thought it would be best to keep it simple. Easy to explain and there would be no need for complex diagrams or those white boards with all the circles on them.

So that’s my goal

And that’s my plan.

Now you might think it’s crazy. As a matter of fact I would probably agree with you if you told me it was crazy.


I think it’s a good kind of crazy.

If you think this is a good kind of crazy as well you are welcome to join me in my crazy plan.

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