Don’t Rent Your Own Life

Accept whatever circumstances come your way?…

WHY ?…


Until you accept them those circumstances are not yours to change.
You have no right or power to change anything until you accept ownership.

Only the owner of something has the right to change that thing. Without
the right to make any changes we can never alter the consequences of our

You MUST own the circumstances of your life if you want to have any
hope of changing those circumstances.

Stop trying to find something to blame for your lifes circumstances. It
does not matter who or what caused the problem blaming it will never
do anything to solve the problem.

Even if you did not cause them…

You can always change your lifes circumstances if you choose to do so.

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You ARE the owner of your life…

So take that ownership and make your life what you want it to be
and stop worrying about who is to blame.