How to do Anything You Want. 1

That is a pretty big statement to start off with, don’t you think? How can anyone say something like that and be taken seriously?

Well it all starts with a belief.

I believe any single individual person has within them the ability to do anything any person has ever done or will do.

In other words if one Human has done something any other Human has the ability to do that also. We all start in the same condition and we all have the same basic set of tools and functions with which to work.

So why then do some people do what are considered great things? While others do what are considered evil. Why is there such a variety in people’s conditions and outcomes? Why don’t we all end up exactly the same if we all start out exactly the same?

Well the answer is simple really.

We all do different things with those resources we have in the beginning. It is not what we start with that determines how we end up. But what we do with those resources that are the deciding factor.

But what if no one has ever done what I want to do?

So what? History is full of examples of people that have been the very first person to do something. Things like running a mile in less than 4 minutes. Fly an airplane. Make an electric light bulb.

These are all rather famous examples of people doing something for the very first time. We can probably name the people that did these things from memory.

The thing I find most interesting is shortly after all of those firsts, there were many other people that did exactly the same thing.

Today it is not uncommon for people to use electric lights or fly an airplane or even run a mile in less than 4 minutes. So we know those things are not outside of human capabilities.

We know that people that can first were not super-human, did not posses abilities that the rest of us do not have.

So what did all of those pioneers do that people before them did not? What was it that made them succeed? How can we learn to do the same thing in any area we choose?

These are all things that we will be looking at in this series of messages. We are going to break down into a few simple steps what has been proven through history to be effective in allow people to do what they want even if it has never been done before.

By studying how others have taken the exact same set of circumstances any other person has access to and done exactly what they wanted.

We will be able to set out a simple system. A set of actions to follow that will allow us to duplicate that success in any field we choose.

This is not simply some secret law that we can use to sit around and think happy thoughts to magically attract good things. This is an actual proven set of steps that anyone can use. These steps can be applied to anything you want to accomplish and will allow you to succeed.

So I invite you to continue with me as we go through these steps one by one. I invite you use these ideas and see for yourself just what is possible.

There is a simple fact, systems work. Systems can be applied to anything and give you clear steps to follow and see results.

I certainly hope I have prompted you to think a little bit and come back to see what is next.

I will be back later with part 2.