How to do Anything You Want. 2

I really don’t like what most people take away from the usual motivational speakers. The thing that bothers me most is when you are finished they spent so much time on positive mental attitude you walk away with the feeling that is all you need.

The latest thing “The Secret” initially hit me in that same manner. I completely discounted it as a waste of time. I still don’t spend a lot of time on it but I did look into it again and I found if you pay very close attention to what they are actually saying they do add in the importance of action as well as attitude.

I get so annoyed at the whole “law of attraction”. They have it all backwards;

a positive mental attitude does nothing to attract things to you.

It does everything to attract you to things.

There is a huge difference between the two.

One is passive and one is active.

I have a little experiment that shows what I mean. All one need do is sit in a chair with three objects out of reach. Spend some time trying to attract one of those objects by simply thinking about getting it. After trying this for a while see what happens. Once you have done that then focus directly on the object you want and get up and walk over and get it.

In both cases you have focused very clearly on what you want. But one was successful and the other was not. The only difference was the second time you took action based on your thoughts and the first time you did not.

The whole “law of attraction” does not bring things to you.

It brings you to things.

The only way it will work is when you add action to the thought process. There are two ways people can make changes in their lives. Change from the inside out or the outside in.

Change from the inside requires a change in our minds first and then our actions. Actions produce results and as we see those results we reinforce our new mindset.

Change from the outside in simply changes our actions to produce different results. Once we see those new results our mind will change to adjust to the new situation.

Either way is effective but both require a change in our actions at some point. No change in our actions means no change in our results.

If we do not change our results no amount of positive thinking will survive.

The physical evidence will just not support the belief. Without some kind of physical change to support our thoughts we wind up back where we were or even worse.

We can all accept some negative results as long as we also see either a learning process from those results. Or see other progress that we can focus on.

All we need to keep our minds focused on progress is the slightest evidence of progress. Once we have a line of small units of progress we have started a chain that will keep puling us in the direction of progress. After a while progress itself becomes a habit we automatically follow.

Once we reach that point things can explode rapidly.

The funny things about financial success.

Once it hits it is a very fast process.

1.We know we can make progress.

2.We know the direction we want that progress to go.

3.We know the system we are going to use to make that progress.

Well the hard part is over then and we will quickly see results. The true irony is once we get that success and we look back. The actual process we followed will always be much more simple than we originally thought.

We all tend to complicate things in our minds. This is a built in excuse for why we really aren’t where we want to be.

“It’s too hard, it’s too complicated” that is what we tell ourselves from the beginning. Just to soften the blow of the failure we expect.

When we get to the point where the only option we have is to succeed, we will.

As long as we have other options. We go to those other options any time things get hard. Then we use the fact that we failed in that attempt to rationalize why the next one will not succeed either.

This is what we all do.

This is why most people never get what they want but always seem to get what they need.

It is a human condition that we all have. The way people get what they want is to change it to a need. Then we find a way. The whole want/need label is all in our own heads. We decide which is what.

A goal is the very first step we must take to achieve anything in life. Once you have a very specific goal in mind then you are able to go to the next step. Without a specific goal the next step will never work.

To find out more about the next step come back later and it will be posted.