How To Do Anything You Want 3

Well here we are again. Last time we talked about taking action. While taking action is likely one of the most important things and something that keeps you from the success you seek if not applied.

Action without goals is completely random and has as much chance of wasting your time and energy as it does bringing you success. Without a goal you have no way of knowing which direction to focus your actions.

It is possible to succeed without a goal but it is more likely you will just continue the same wasted action you have been doing all along. A goal or even a series of goals is what allows you to focus your action and measure your progress.

The subject of goal setting is very popular and I am sure we have all heard something on the subject before this. So rather than going on and on about how important it is to set goals lets talk about ways to actually set goals.

We all agree goals are important but did you know if you do not set them properly they could cause more harm than good? Poorly set goals will not give you any idea of what progress you are making and can be so unreasonable or vague and actually cause a feeling of failure.

A poor goal can be something like “I want to be rich”. Now don’t get me wrong, being rich isn’t the problem. The problem is the goal is too vague it leaves out any way to actually measure your progress or even really know when you have achieved this goal.

A poorly defined goal will always be just a bit out of reach. No matter how much progress you make the final goal will never be achieved without definition. You will find yourself on the treadmill of life and frustrated that you never seem to reach your goal.

A well-defined goal on the other hand is something that can easily be measured. Something that can be divided down into easily accomplished tasks that bring you closer and closer to the goal it self.

The ability to measure your progress towards your goal is one of the most important parts to keeping motivated. With proper goal setting you will find the need for determination and will power greatly reduced.

Each step of progress we make towards our goal makes each following step that much easier. Building momentum in the right direction helps keep you going the correct way and reduces the effort needed.

Proper goal setting is much more than just setting destinations for yourself. To really succeed in reaching your goals you must understand them. You must be able to see them clearly in your mind as you progress towards them.

The most important part of goal setting after clarity is believability. You can have the clearest goals possible if you do not believe they are achievable you will always find a way to meet that expectation of failure.

This is where your attitude comes into play. Once you have combined action and goals you still need to believe your goals can be met. Without that belief and understanding you are much less likely to actually reach your goals.

Remember that law of attraction I was talking about last time? This is where it actually comes into play. That positive thought, that belief in yourself, the belief no matter what others might say. It is that very belief that keeps you pointed towards your goal as you move forward.

I like to call that whole idea a GPS navigation system for your success. That belief in yourself is what will guide your actions towards your goal. So far we have two of the three things you need to succeed.

To carry on with the GPS analogy. So far we have the vehicle that will carry us. We have the destination clearly in mind. We have the GPS that will keep us going towards the destination. All we need is the map.

Once you have yourself and the action you will take. Added to that is the goal and the belief you can reach it. All you need is a plan to follow to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

We will talk more about the plan next time.