How to do Anything You Want 5

This is the fifth and final part of this series. So far we have gone over several different parts of the path to success.

These parts include:

1. A strong belief in yourself.
2. A Positive mental attitude
3. A clear well defined goal
4. A plan to follow

This fifth part is the most important part to keep in mind.


That’s right, just don’t quit. Even if you have those other four parts if you quit whenever things get hard. If you quit whenever things don’t work like you thought they would. You will never succeed.

Whenever you start something new there will always be questions about whether you can or can’t do it. If you let those questions keep you from doing anything you will never get anywhere.

When things do not go as you wanted, and that will happen. You can easily become discouraged and have a less than positive attitude. This can cause you to think about quitting as well.

Your goals may become difficult to keep in focus at times. Causing you to lose direction and focus. Without that clarity it can be easy to just quit and go do something else with your time.

Sometimes a plan will not work like you hoped. Plans can fall apart and cause you to consider quitting.

Any one or even more than one of those first four parts can and probably will go wrong at some point in time. Accept that idea at the very beginning. Knowing this will happen from time to time is very important.

Adjustments to those first four points will have to be made from time to time. This is pretty normal and just part of doing business. Knowing this will happen is one of the best ways to keep from stopping when it does happen.

Not quitting when things don’t go as you planned or expected is the only way you will ever succeed at anything. Point number five is the most important thing anyone can do to ensure success.

So think about all of these points and put them into practice and you can do anything you want. It is really pretty simple and the hardest part is just not stopping when things become difficult.

I hope this series has been helpful. Please keep coming back as I will have more ideas and helpful tips in the future.