How To Use One Idea Four Times

How to use one idea four times sounds pretty crazy but if you do it right
you could even get more than four uses from every thing you do.

First of all you will need at least one youtube account, two blogs and
a mailing list with subscribers to contact.

If you are marketing online and you are not doing these three things…

1. Video marketing.

2. Article Marketing.

3. Email marketing.

You really should consider adding the ones you are not doing. Especially
if you are video marketing only or article marketing only. There is no
good reason not to use all three of these marketing methods as they really
do compliment each other very well.

Using one idea in several differnt areas of marketing is not a new thing
people have been doing this for years. It can allow one person to produce
a huge amount of content in a fairly short amount of time.

I am actually writing this areticle as I am uploading the video to
youtube. This allows me to use what would otherwise be wasted time to my
advantage and work while the ideas are still strong in my mind.

As I said in my video this is just my take on curation marketing with
the added safety of never having to worry about the original content
owner getting mad that I chose to use their content.

This is not the curated content…

To see the curated content ===> CLICK HERE <==

To be completely honest the original content and idea is all in the video
this article is just here to give this page enough text to be a good

All of the important information is actually in the video. I just want to
be able to get this information out to as many people as I can. Since
my goal is as widespread coverage I can get I have written this article
a little longer than I needed to.

Maybe you have figured this out already as I am pretty much just rambling
on about nothing in general. If this were a face to face conversation I
guess we could call it small talk. ­čÖé