Illegitimi Non Carborundum


Illigetimi non carborundum according to wikipedia is a mock Latin aphorism that means “Don’t let the bastard grind you down”.

I find it interesting that for about 50 years now this has been a term
used in trying to keep peoples “spirits up”. A general statement intended
to give some positive motivation when times seem difficult or when it
seems you have overwhelming oposition.

I am certain we can all look back to times in our lives when we were
facing similar situations. Times when we felt like someone or even
everyone was trying to beat us down.

Perhaps there were even times when someone told us this very quote in
an effort to help us continue.

While I started off with that quote I am more interested in the two
types of people this quote represents.

1. The people trying to grind us down.

2. The people trying to lift us up.

Oddly enough many times the people in each group may have no idea they
are actually doing these things to you or anyone else.

We may face opposition in many different areas of our life and from people
we would never imagine in our wildest dreams would oppose our plans.

You see we can be pushed down or lifted up simply by the people we spend
our time with. People who have no intention of having this effect on us.

The same can be said about the books we read, the information we allow
into our minds. Almost anything we experience can have either and uplifting
or detrimental effect on us.

Fortunately we have control over these effects by the simple method of
choosing who we associate with and what information we choose to allow
into our minds.

By associating with uplifting people, or successful people we can be
pulled along in an upward direction. Adding this to our own efforts to
succeed will greatly increase or efforts.

Reaching our goals…

Persuing our dreams…

Improving ourselves…

We can do all of these simply by focusing ourselves on attaining them
and following the example of people that have done so before us.

Be around them, either in person or through books, audio and video recordings or special seminar meetings. We can begin by simple association to improve ourselves.

As we improve ourselves we will begin to reach our goals, realize our
dreams and reach a level of achievement we might have never thought
possible before.

The people you associate with really can make or break you and it is
important that you understand this and take action to ensure your own
success no matter what.