Never Underestimate The Power of One Decision.

In Feb 2013 a homeless man living on the street asking passersby
for change named Billy Ray Harris made a single decision.

It seems one day a Woman named Sarah Darling dropped something more
than just change into Billy Ray’s cup. Sarah dropped an engagement
Ring worth $4,000.00 into the cup by accident as She was Giving a
little help to a Man that needed it.

Billy ray was faced with a decision when He discovered the ring in
His cup.

1. Give into the temptation to keep this $4,000.00.

2. Try and return this ring to Sarah.

Option number 1 would mean quite a bit to a person who was homeless
and living on the streets. $4,000.00 could go a long a way to making
Billy Rays life easier for some time.

The only guarantee from option number 2 was a sense of knowing you
did the right thing.

Four thousand dollars on one hand and a clear conscious on the other.
That would be a difficult decision for almost anyone and I am certain
it was for Billy Ray.

In the end Billy Ray chose to do the right thing and found sarah and
returned the ring to her and her husband Bill Krejci.

Now comes the most interesting part of this story.

Expecting nothing in return Billy ray returns the ring. Sarah and her
husband Bill decided to set up a fund to help Billy Ray. Sarah and Bill
had set a goal of raising $1,000.00 to help Billy Ray.

No one expected this fund to grow to over $190,000.000 in just three
months time. People from all over the world were touched by this story
and donated to this fund to help Billy Ray.

Billy Ray is now no longer Homeless but ownes His own Home and a new
car as well. Billy Ray has also been reunited with His family that
He had not seen for years.

One simple decision to do the right thing put into motion events that
not only greatly improved one mans life but also touched countless
other lives with an inspirational story.

Now I am not saying that every decision like this will have the same
massive result.

I am saying that every decision we make puts things into action. Every
decision we make today is the foundation our tomorrow is built upon.

The concept of reciprocity will cause anything we do to return some
kind of result. It is one of Sir Issac Newton’s laws that every action
has a reaction.

Maybe we should take this lesson to heart and begin to examine our
own actions to see if they will return reactions we want.

It does not even need to be some huge massive decision to return
massive results. Sometimes even the smallest choices can set a
massive reaction if it is done correctly.