Sept 11 2001

Sept 11 2001 is a day I will never forget…

I remember waking up to the news that it was thought a small plane
had hit one of the two world trade center towers in NYC.

I had just gotten my TV turned on and was listening to the news casters
talking about how they did not have a full report but they suspected
a small plane had hit the tower.

The shot then shifted to a wide angle view of the damage and I knew
right away that no small plane could have possibly done that much
damage to a building so large.

I watched as events unfolded and the second plane hit the undamaged
tower and at that moment I knew in my heart the world had just changed
in front of all of our eyes.

Like most other people I had no idea at that time exactly what would
happen. No idea that I was watching the beginning steps that would end
in those two towers falling in on so many innocent people.

After seeing both towers fall The rest of the day was just a surreal
blur. I had a business appointment across town that I kept. I thought
since I was in Dallas we would not be that likely to have any direct
effects from those actions in New York City.

My client was a busy auto dealership in the mid cities area of DFW and
they were always very busy every other time I was at their location.

I showed up for my appointment and the drive over was about 45 minutes
and it seemed mostly like an average drive across town in the late morning
hours. A little lighter traffic perhaps but not enough to be that noticeable.

I arrived at the client and things there seemed quieter than usual. None
of the Techs were in the bays working and everyone was gathered around the
TV in the waiting room.

It was strangely quiet in a place that usually has the noise of air tools
and other such sounds. It took me about 1 hour to complete my work and in
that hour things had changed.

I went into a small room to work at around 11:30 am and was done around
12:30 pm. Between those times the entire dealership had emptied except for
me and the office manager.

The office manager was only there so She could lock up the building after
I was done working. As I finished I told the office manager what work I
completed, this usually takes some time as we talk and go over things.

But not this time…

This time it was just a few sentences and we both left the building
together. This location is only a few miles from the DFW airport and
it was quite common to see several planes landing and taking off from
the parking lot.

It was strange that there seemed to be no planes taking off and only
a few landing. But stranger still was my drive back home.

The freeways…

The surface streets…

Everywhere was empty…

I have never seen the Interstate 35E exchange in downtown Dallas so
empty before, not even in the early morning hours.

It was like the entire world had just stopped and everything was in
a slow process of rearranging.

I knew things would never be the same again…


I had no idea just how much they would change from that day forward.

As we pause today and reflect on the events of that day Sept 11 2001
a day that effected us all in one way or another.

We should resolve within ourselves to never forget…

The Victims…

The Villains…

And the everyday Heroes that answered the call for help. The regular
people that filled the role of Hero and gave not only their all but
a shining example for the rest of us to aspire to meet.

It is easy to focus on the negative. Especially when the negative is
so horrific as to almost boggle the mind.

I prefer to remember the Heroes. The regular people who gave everything
running towards an event when everyone else was running away.

These are just some of my thoughts today. I hope they have caused
you to stop and reflect.