Sometimes To Go Forward You Have To Go Back

I know it sounds crazy…

I mean there is a big difference between forward and backward…

Isn’t there?


It depends really. To start with forward and backward are dependent on
your position or perspective.

When you are facing one way then forward is in front of you and
backward is behind you. Now if you turn around 180 degrees then suddenly
what was backward became forward and forward became backward.

So forward and backward suddenly become less clear because it can
change depending on your perspective and that’s not even taking
account of someone else perspective on things.

Now I said all of this just to show how our perspective defines what
we believe is true or not true. Now that we have this idea out there
I want you to follow along with my story and see where it takes us.

When I say sometimes to go forward you have to go back I am not
talking about changing our direction but to demonstrate an idea.

This idea is something we all have seen many times in our lives.
As a matter of fact it is so common we don’t really think about
this idea.

This idea is what makes one of the most important inventions in
human history work. The repetitive back and forth of this thing
daily propels us almost anywhere we want to go.

This invention we know as the wheel…

If you watch a wheel spin and you were to focus on one point
on the side of any wheel you will soon see that point you are
watching is going backward then forward over and over.

If that wheel is just suspended in air it will spin along but
never get anywhere.


If you take that same wheel and put it on the flat surface of
a road the exact same repetitive motion transforms itself from
pointless motion to useful motion in whatever direction you point
that wheel.

You can be just like that wheel…

You can take one good idea and go over it again and again and again…

Just like that wheel goes in circles around the axle. It never gets
any further away and always comes back to the very same starting
point relative to the axle.


That very same concept that allows the wheel to carry the vehicle
that is attached to that axle anywhere the driver decides to point it.

That very same concept will work for you just the same as that vehicle.
You find that good idea and you go over it again and again and again.

Just like the backwards and forwards motion of the wheel becomes
progress for the vehicle.

The repetition of one good idea can be transformed into progress for you.

It may be that you will go back to an idea or feeling that motivated you
in the past. Or perhaps you will repeat a training system or method over
and over again learning new things each time you repeat the lesson.

It is that very circular path of going back to the beginning of a good idea
countless times that actually propels you onward to your goal.

98% of the people out there wrongly think to succeed you must constantly
be learning new things. 2% of the people know it is not by constantly
learning new things but by constantly repeating the good things you
have already learned you make the most progress.

Think about this…

It only takes one good idea…

One good idea you can repeat over and over again to completely change your life.

There are many lessons we can learn from the wheel. Such a simple idea
that completely changed the entire world and demonstrates ideas like…

Small things can be as important as large things…

Empty space and distance can increase the effectiveness of effort at times…

And like I said today a simple idea used over and over can carry you
almost anywhere you want to go.