The Mini Mastermind

What is a Mastermind Group

We hear about them all the time lately. It seems almost every day someone is talking about Mastermind’s. It looks to me; as of late the entire idea of a Mastermind Group has become this huge massive thing.

Trying to bring hundreds or thousands of people together in order to harness the power of the group is what many people seem to think a Mastermind is today. I like to call it the “Macro-Mastermind Effect”.

To twist a metaphor here it is getting so people can’t see the Trees for the Forest. I know that is backwards from the saying of can’t see the Forest for the Trees. But it seems we are suffering the reverse of that problem.

We are forgetting that the large Forest is really just a collection of individual Trees. There is a time and place for large numbers. However we seem to have forgotten that there is also a time and place for small numbers.

It was Napoleon Hill and His book “Think and Grow Rich” that brought us the idea of a Mastermind Group. His idea was to bring together a small group of like-minded individuals to compliment each other’s strengths.

By doing this the group would become greater than the sum of the parts. It seems lately we have become of the mind “if a little is good then a lot is better”. I am no longer convinced this is the case, especially in the area of the Mastermind Group.

The true power of the Mastermind is getting the best of each person contributing to the over all success of the entire group. This will simply not work well in a large group of people. This failing weakens the whole rather than strengthens the whole group.

Fortunately the solution is pretty simple. Seek out a few people and work together in the way Napoleon Hill originally intended. You can then gather groups of these smaller Masterminds creating a large system that will leverage even greater abilities.

Every system needs structure. Every structure builds from small to large. Every large entity is really just a collection of smaller pieces grouped together. If the smaller pieces are not strongly connected the larger group will simply fall apart.

So in your quest to build a strong business remember the importance of the Mini-Mastermind. Focus on taking care of the small groups and they will take care of the resulting larger groups.