What is the Big Idea Mastermind?

Let Big Idea Mastermind Change Your Life

The Big Idea Mastermind is an elite group of marketers that have joined together with one primary goal in mind.

That goal is….

To dramatically change the business of Internet marketing forever.

Vick Strizheus first announced this mastermind group to a select number of like-minded marketers.

Each of these founding members was 100 % dedicated to the primary goals of this group.

The goals are very simple,

1. Provide the very best training and learning environment possible.

2. To use this training and environment to help people reach
a consistent income every month

3. To reach a 100% success rate for those people willing to commit
themselves to this goal

Big Idea Mastermind is now enrolling.

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The Big Idea Mastermind will achieve this goal by combining
proven massive traffic driving techniques with the power of
100% commissions offered by the Empower Network.

With 5 levels of advanced traffic driving training BIM has an
opportunity for anyone no matter what his or her skill level
or financial status. You can position yourself for as little as
$25.00 a month.

Beginning at the Basic level and advancing through the Silver,
Gold, Platinum and finally the Diamond level give you access to
increasingly sophisticated training and tools.

Each level not only gives you greater training and tools but
access to higher and higher levels of commissions as well.

The unique commission structure of the Empower Network
allows the Big Idea Mastermind the ability to push
the envelope of success for anyone.

If you are ready to join a team that is
totally dedicated to achieving success.

If you want to become a member of a
group that is completely focused on helping
you reach your goals so you can then
help others reach theirs.

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